Empowering Lives Beyond Disabilities

At NDIABILITY, our mission is to provide a range of flexible and tailored services that empower people with disabilities to live a life based on their strengths, rights, and choices. As a NDIS service provider, we prioritize the experiences of people with disabilities and their families, working closely with them and various external organizations to offer professional support services across various regions.

How can NDIABILITY help?

We believe in fostering abilities beyond disabilities, enabling our clients to thrive in their daily lives. Our services include:

Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination

Facilitating comprehensive support planning, coordination, and management.

Community Access

Encouraging social and community participation, tailored to individual interests.

Mentoring and Coaching Programs

Offering peer support and individual skills development, focused on building independent living skills.

Behaviour Support

Assessing behaviours of concern and providing specialized intervention plans.

In-Home Support

Personalized care and assistance with daily tasks, respecting clients’ rights and needs.

Short Term Accommodation

Providing 24×7 support services during temporary absences of family members or caregivers.

Supported Independent Living

Fostering equal access to housing and promoting independence with necessary support in place.


SDA Housing- NDIABILITY offers a range of SDA housing options in Adelaide, designed to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people with disabilities to live the life they want by instilling hope and shaping their future. By continuously improving our services and adopting innovative approaches, we aim to enhance our clients’ quality of life and help them reach their full potential.


Capacity Building

We focus on empowering individuals, so they can live life based on their strengths, rights, and choices.

Timely Response

We address individual needs and circumstances promptly.


We continuously improve our practices through the development of partnerships and service models.

Transparent Service

We are committed to transparency, ensuring clients understand the process, next steps, and the reasons for our decisions.

Tailored Supports

We work with clients to set up customized supports, delivered as and when needed.

Cultural Connection

We collaborate with local indigenous communities to provide culturally informed support.

Workforce Development

Our staff undergo regular training and supervision to ensure skill gaps are addressed.

Monitoring and Review

We collect and analyse data to help establish best practices.


If you’re an existing NDIS participant or transitioning to the NDIS and would like to access NDIABILITY’s services as part of your plan, contact us today. We will work closely with you to help in your transition, determine eligibility, or develop a personalized support plan focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Di Lawrie: Experienced Specialist Support Coordinator

With 25+ years in the not-for-profit sector, Di began her journey assisting the homeless in the UK and has since expanded her expertise across roles, from a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor to a Positive Behavioural Support Practitioner within the NDIS.

Di’s leadership skills shine in frontline and managerial roles, ensuring cohesive team collaborations and client-centric outcomes. She excels in the forensic mental health sector, applying a trauma-informed, strength-based approach.

Di’s commitment: No client gets left behind in service gaps



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